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Omegle RP: Jim/Seb: Working Problem

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like mormor, and jim moriarty.

You: I’m busy. -SM

Stranger: No you’re not. I didn’t send you on assignment. -JM

You: I do take other contracts. -SM

Stranger: Since when. -JM

You: Since now. -SM

Stranger: Not good enough for you anymore, hm? -JM

You: No. I’m just more than good enough for you and everyone else. -SM

Stranger: Ooh, someone thinks mighty high of himself. -JM

You: I didn’t agree to work exclusively for you, Jim. -SM

Stranger: Might have to change that. -JM

You: Do I? What makes you think I’ll agree to that? -SM

Stranger: You’d do well to consider it. -JM

You: And if I refuse anyway? -SM

Stranger: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. -JM

You: Why not? -SM

Stranger: You forget that you’re expendable. -JM

You: Exactly. So why do you want to monopolize my time? -SM

Stranger: You’re rather good at what you do. -JM

You: Yes. I am. -SM

You: Still, what do you care what I do with my down time? -SM

Stranger: I don’t /care/ so much as I’d rather know what it is you’re up to. -JM

You: I’m on a job. -SM

Stranger: What kind of job, for who. -JM

You: Wet work. And my client’s are as always, confidential. -SM

Stranger: I don’t like the idea of this. -JM

You: Why not? Doesn’t impact your day in any shape way or form. -SM

Stranger: What if I had a job for you. -JM

You: Do you? -SM

You: If you did, it’ll be my priority once this job’s completed. -SM

Stranger: Yes, and if it was necessary to be performed before this job was completed we’d be in a spot of bother. -JM

You: And you have other snipers on call. -SM

You: As you said, I’m replaceable. -SM

Stranger: They’re not exactly reliable. -JM

You: Oh? Is that a compliment? -SM

Stranger: Take it as you will. -JM

You: I will. Good to know that I’m not /that/ replaceable. -SM

Stranger: Yes, well. Perhaps I’ll change my mind. -JM

You: Oh? Do let me know. -SM

Stranger: I don’t appreciate this. Your loyalties are divided. -JM

You: And you need every inch of my loyalty, do you? I get the job done. I might like you as an employer, Jim. But I’m more than aware where our relationship ends.-SM

Stranger: Tell me then, where does this so-called ‘relationship’ end. -JM

You: When the job ends and I’m off-duty. -SM

Stranger: Problem? Regardless, I thought your loyalties were more swayed in my direction. -JM

You: Perhaps they are. Either way. I am a professional. A job’s still a job. -SM

Stranger: And if I were promote you, would you still take these other jobs? -JM

You: Depends on the pay. -SM

You: Besides, not all of them are jobs. Some of them are favors. -Sm

Stranger: Favours? What kind of favours. And I can assure you, the pay wouldn’t be an issue. -JM

You: Personal favors. Of the personal kind.-SM

Stranger: Such as.. -JM

You: You’re rather nosy. -SM

Stranger: It’s part of my nature. -JM

You: I’m afraid, it’s none of your business. I do have a life outside your purview Jim.-SM

Stranger: Not anymore you don’t. -JM

You: Decided that on your own did you? -SM

Stranger: I certainly did. Your new position does not lend to such.. Trivial affairs. -JM

You: I never said I’d accept. -SM

Stranger: I don’t think you’ll refuse. -JM

You: And you know how I think do you? -SM

Stranger: You think about money, obviously. -JM

You: Obviously. There are some things more important than money. Why do I need the money if I don’t even have anything to spend it on. -SM

You: Which would be the case if you so desperately want in on /all aspects of my life/ -SM

Stranger: You could spend it on a new rifle.. -JM

Stranger: Unless you have a /girl/. -JM

You: And if I do? -SM

Stranger: Do you? -JM

You: Are you fishing? -SM

You: I might have. -SM

Stranger: Is that a yes, or a no, Sebastian. -JM

You: It’s a none of your business. Jim. -SM

You: But, yes. Is that going to be a problem?-SM

You: Because I’m certainly not sharing her with you. -SM

Stranger: Problem? Yes. There is a problem. She’ll get in your way. -JM

You: You didn’t seem to notice her, so I sincerely doubt it. -SM

Stranger: Get rid of her. -JM

You: What? You can’t just order me to get rid of my girlfriend. -SM

Stranger: She’s actually your girlfriend? Well, I think I just did, didn’t I. -JM

You: I mean this is the most respectable way I can mange: No. -SM

Stranger: Wouldn’t want her to be involved in an unfortunate accident.. -JM

You: Are you /threatening/ me? I can’t have a girlfriend now that I work for you?-SM

Stranger: If that’s what you see it as. -JM

You: I don’t care how much you pay me, Jim. You are not taking over my life! I barely have one as it is! -SM

Stranger: That’s because you /don’t/ have a life now. -JM

You: Oh? How you figure that? -SM

Stranger: I own you. -JM

You: Do you. Sorry. I didn’t get that memo. -SM

Stranger: Well now you have. Do something about that. -JM

You: You didn’t /buy/ me, Jim. You don’t own me. -SM

Stranger: You’re wrong. -JM

You: Jim. This is ridiculous. I’m not some sort of pet you own. I’m a sniper. -SM

Stranger: I don’t share, Sebastian. Not with anyone. -JM

You: Oh and all your employees have only you to look to? -SM

You: That’s….disturbing.-SM

Stranger: Disturbing? Perhaps. I don’t seem to care though. I also don’t particularly care what the idiots do. -JM

You: Oh, and why are you so particularly concerned about /my/ love life? -SM

Stranger: Not of concern. -JM

You: What is it then? -SM

Stranger: What is what. -JM

You: If it’s not concern, why on earth are you interested in what I do with my spare time? -SM

Stranger: Because. I don’t want you to do anything else. -JM

You: ….You don’t want me to do anything else. Just be at your beck and call? -SM

Stranger: Guess you could say that. -JM

You: No. -SM

Stranger: No? Too bad. _JM

Stranger: -JM*

You: I’m not going to let you keep me holed up just for your petty amusement. -SM

Stranger: You’d enjoy it. -

Stranger: JM

You: I doubt it. Sounds /dull/. -SM

Stranger: Oh really? Perhaps I’ll find someone else to send on all my high priority cases then. Could get a bit.. Messy… After all. -JM

You: What? Are you replacing me now? -SM

Stranger: Maybe I will after all. -JM

You: Oh and will your new sniper let you rule his or her life? -SM

Stranger: Of course. They will give their everything to me. -JM

You: Fine. I hope the two of you are /very/ happy together. -SM

Stranger: Don’t be like this. -JM

You: Be like what? -SM

You: Like I’m being fired? -SM

Stranger: It’s your own fault. -JM

You: Is it? Just because I want a little privacy and time to do my own thing. -SM

Stranger: Exactly. No such thing as privacy. Not here. -JM

You: You’re crazy. -SM

Stranger: Probably. Shouldn’t be an issue. -JM

You: Neither should my girlfriend. -SM

Stranger: Well she is. I don’t like it. -JM

You: Well. Unlike some people, I have needs. -SM

Stranger: You say that like I don;t. -JM

You: Well if you did you’d understand why I have a girlfriend. -SM

Stranger: So that’s all you have her for then. Plenty of other outlets. -JM

You: Oh? Like what? -SM

Stranger: Whores, for one. -JM

You: Really. So you’d rather me /pay/ for sex. -SM

Stranger: If it means no distractions, no ties, then yes. -JM

You: And I guess the next step would be to off my friends now wouldn’t it? -SM

Stranger: That would be the next step, yes. -JM

You: ….That’s one demanding job. -SM

Stranger: I’m a demanding boss. -JM

You: Right then. Perhaps its best I…see other bosses. -SM

Stranger: Excuse me? That’s rather ungrateful of you. -JM

You: I’m not /that/ grateful to you that I’d consider to uproot my whole life around you. -SM

Stranger: It’s either that, or I will end you. -JM

You: Gee. Let me consider that for a moment. -SM

Stranger: Consider wisely. -JM

You: I’m not killing my friends for you. -SM

Stranger: Then don’t kill them. -JM

You: As long as you promise not to be /boring/ -SM

Stranger: I’m never boring. -JM

You: I hope you make full use of my life, Jim. -SM

Stranger: You know I will. Every aspect of it. -JM

You: Well then I suppose I didn’t have a choice. -SM

Stranger: I’m glad you realise this now. -JM

You: We can’t /all/ be genius consulting criminals. -SM

Stranger: You can try. You’re going to have to /try/ to keep up. -JM

You: Of course, Jim._SM

Stranger: Glad we’re on the same page now. Finally. -JM

You: Really, you only had to threaten the lives of my friends and my girlfriend, and myself to get here. No big deal.-SM

Stranger: All in a days work. You have no girlfriend, by the way. -JM

You: What? -SM

Stranger: No girlfriend. You. Don’t have one. -JM

You: Anymore? What did you do? You didn’t kill her did you?-SM

Stranger: /I/ didn’t do anything. /You/ on the other hand, are breaking up with her. Unless you do want me to kill her. -JM

You: …..Right. Anything else your highness?-SM

Stranger: Not at present. I think you should finish up this job of yours though. -JM

You: I’ll do that. -SM

Stranger: And then get back to the flat. -JM

You: Rather demanding arn’t you? -SM

Stranger: Well of course. I’m always demanding. -JM

You: I think I might have noticed. -SM

Stranger: You’ll notice that more so, now. -JM

You: So I’ve gathered. -SM

Stranger: In all aspects of everyday life. -JM

You: ….What is that supposed to mean? -SM

Stranger: You’ll find out, won’t you. -JM

You: …..I’m not sure I want to go to your flat. -SM

Stranger: And why’s that? -JM

You: I don’t think I’ll ever get out. -SM

Stranger: You have your jobs, you can get out for those. -JM

You: How /kind/ of you. -SM

Stranger: It is, isn’t it. You should remember that. -JM

You: …..I’m at the door. -SM

You: Somehow I feel like I should make a break for it. -SM

Stranger: But you won’t. You know that. -JM

Stranger: Come in then, please. Don’t be standing out there for the rest of the evening. -JM

You: Hm. Enjoying the last breath of London air as a free man. -SM

You: Sebastian pushed opened the door, and walked in casually. He was wearing black formal attire with a loosened tie, and carrying what seemed to be a suit protector in one hand. “Jim.” He greeted with an inclined head.

Stranger: ”How nice of you to show up, Sebastian. I was beginning to think perhaps you’d never make it.” Jim smirked up at Sebastian from where he was flopped back on the sofa.

You: Sebastian sighed, and placed the suit protector on the ground with a clink, before turning to consider Jim. “Hm. Was I in time to stop you putting a bounty on my head?”

Stranger: ”Only just, my dear. You’re lucky I’m feeling so generous today..” He laughed, sitting up on the sofa. “What’ve you go there, Moran?”

You: ”Yes, lucky lucky me.” Sebastian said wryly, “It’s just my rifle.”

Stranger: ”So your rifle got a work out today, did it. Interesting. No more of that then, you understand?”

You: Sebastian sighed and said drolly, “Yes. I suppose not. Pity. It was fun.” He then stared at Jim and walked towards the sofa, “So was there something you needed?”

Stranger: ”This could be fun, too. If you make it fun.” He stared up at Sebastian, smirking. “Not really. Just wanted to show you your place.”

You: ”I suppose.” Sebastian smiled wryly, “Oh, and where would that be exactly?”

Stranger: ”Wherever I tell you to go. Here. With me, for one.”

You: ”Hm. Now that you’ve shown me that. May I go home?” Sebastian said dryly, smiling tightly.

Stranger: Jim tilted his head to the side. “You already are, silly. Isn’t that convenient?”

You: Sebastian stared at Jim, fingers clenching lightly, “Oh? I am. Funny. I didn’t think I moved.”

Stranger: ”That’s because you don’t think, do you. It’s a nice place. You’ll like it here.”

You: Sebastian sighed and ran his fingers through his hair before tugging irritably at his tie, till he pulled it completely loose and said, “So where do I sleep?”

Stranger: Jim grinned as he stood up from the sofa, stepping toward Sebastian. “Well. There’s the sofa right here.. Or there’s always.. My bed..”

You: Sebastian narrowed his eyes and said in disbelief, “Your bed?”

Stranger: ”Did I stutter, Sebastian? That’s what I said, isn’t it?”

You: Sebastian smiled wryly and said, “Yes it is. I’ll take the sofa.”

Stranger: Jim sighed. “Fine. I was prepared to give you the comfort of my bed, you’ll be stuck with the sofa then.”

You: Sebastian shrugged and said, “I don’t jump into just /anybody’s/ bed, I’m afraid.”

Stranger: ”And I’m not just anybody. I’m better than anybody. You should know that.”

You: Sebastian smirked and said, “Well then, not on a first date.”

Stranger: ”I thought we were well past our first date. Unless you’d rather I took you out for dinner and a movie.. Ugh, just the thought..”

You: Sebastian smiled and shrugged, “What can I say, I’m a traditionalist.”

Stranger: ”You’re incredibly boring then, Sebastian. Is that what it’s going to take then?”

You: Sebastian grinned and said, “Yes, and maybe a goodnight kiss too if you’re good.”

Stranger: ”Oh yeah? I’m always good, Sebastian, surely you know this.”

You: Sebastian hummed and said, “I don’t know, Jim. You are the head of a criminal organization. That’s pretty bad.”

Stranger: ”But I’m so very /good/ at it. And you’re just as bad, anyway..”

You: Sebastian shrugged and said, “Ladies love a bad boy.”

Stranger: ”Not anymore they don’t. Sad for you, isn’t it..”

You: ”Yes. It certainly is.” Sebastian sighed.

Stranger: ”Now don’t be like that.. It’s not going to be so bad.”

You: ”Oh? But it is going to be bad?” Sebastian quirked a smile.

Stranger: ”You seem to imply that’s not always so terrible..”

You: ”I suppose it isn’t. I don’t know. I’ve never gone for bad boys.”

Stranger: ”Have you /ever/ gone for boys?” He smirked, stalking closer to Sebastian.

You: ”Once.” Sebastian said, eyeing Jim warily with a smile.

Stranger: ”Once? And he was a good boy? Did you enjoy it?”

You: ”Yes. He was as good as they come. We enjoyed ourselves very much” Sebastian said softly with a fond smile, before focusing on Jim.

Stranger: Jim crossed his arms across his chest. “Does that mean I’m not good enough for you? Is that what you’re getting at here?”

You: Sebastian shrugged and said, “It means that I haven’t considered it. And really. Sleeping with the boss? That seems like a career ender right there.”

Stranger: ”Or it could further your career.. You never know. It’d be fun, you know this..”

You: Sebastian smiled, stepping closer to nip and tilting his head to one side in curiosity “Oh, are you one for favoritism?”

Stranger: ”I’m not even going to bother trying to say that I’m not.” He smirked, looking up at Sebastian.

You: Sebastian leaned in till he was a hair breath’s away, his breath warm against Jim’s lips. “Mm. Well then. I’ve always believed in career advancement, and I’m /extremely/ hard working you’ll find.”

Stranger: ”Oh I bet you’re.. /Hard/ working..” His gaze flicked down to Sebastian’s lips, unconsciously licking his own. “Well then.. Perhaps we could advance your career..”

You: Sebastian smiled, threading his hands around Jim’s waist before pulling him in for a kiss: nipping lightly at Jim’s lips, before purring, “Mm. I think I’m going to love my job.”

Stranger: Jim hummed against Seb’s lips, flicking his tongue against them. “I told you you would.. And you were fighting so hard against it.. Knew you’d give in eventually.” He smirked, pressing closer to Sebastian.

You: Sebastian rolled his eyes and murmured, “You’re insufferable, aren’t you? Threatening and seducing me. Did I ever stand a chance?” Sebastian leaned his forehead against Jim’s as he pressed their hips flush together.

Stranger: ”You never did. Fell right into my trap..” Jim ran his hands down Sebastian’s sides, coming to rest on his hips, gasping softly at the friction. “It’s working though, isn’t it.. My seduction..”

You: ”I don’t know, Jim. Perhaps you should be a little more thorough.” Sebastian hummed lightly, before leaning in for a deeper kiss and rolling his hips against Jim’s,

Stranger: He sucked on Seb’s lower lip, rocking against Sebastian’s hips, already feeling the pleasure run through him. He pulled back, panting softly. “I’m always incredibly thorough. Would you like to find out?”

You: Sebastian let out low groan, shuddering lightly as Jim rocked against him. He made a soft noise of disappointment, fingers grasping at Jim as he pulled away, before looking up slightly dazed with a wicked grin, “But of course, Jim. I think we should get to know each other a /lot/ better.”

Stranger: ”Well, if you insist. Bedroom’s down the hall, dear.” Jim smirked, leaning in for a hard kiss, before pulling away, smirking as he strode purposefully down the hallway.

You: Sebastian followed Jim dutifully, as soon as they reached the bedroom, he pushed Jim onto the bed and moved to straddle his hips whilst smirking, “Nice bed.”

Stranger: ”Only the best for me.” He grinned, bucking his hips up against Sebastian, running his hands up under Sebastian’s shirt, coming to rest on his warm skin.

You: Sebastian cursed lightly, “Fuck, Jim.” Panting, he leaned over and began unbuttoning Jim’s shirt, kissing and nipping at Jim’s neck, rutting slightly against Jim.

Stranger: He sighed at the feel of Seb’s lips against his skin, moving to pull Seb’s shirt off over his head. He tangled a hand in Seb’s hair, tugging gently, tilting his neck to the side to allow him better access.

You: Sebastian pulled away to help Jim pull off his shirt, tossing it off the bed carelessly before pushing Jim’s shirt off his shoulders, and licking and nipping his way down Jim’s chest before sucking gently at Jim’s nipples and biting down.

Stranger: He moaned, back arching up into Sebastian’s touch, the pain sending thrills of pleasure running through his body. He hooked a leg around the backs of Sebastian’s thighs, pulling him in closer, pressing their groins together.

You: Sebastian groaned deeply, panting lightly against Jim. “Christ.” Before he snaked a hand between then and roughly stroked Jim through his trousers, licking his way down past Jim’s navel to nuzzle at Jim’s clothed erection. “Is this for me then?”

Stranger: ”No, it’s for that other guy over there. Of course it’s for you, you idiot.” He bucked his hips up against Sebastian, eager, desperate for his touch. “Stop being such a damn /tease/ Sebastian.”

You: Sebastian grinned and unbuttoned Jim’s pants, and pulling them down to his knees, leaning in licking Jim through the cloth of his boxers. Pulling away as Jim bucked up and instead simply chuckled, “Hm, You’re being rather /snarky/, Jim. I don’t know. I rather like you like this. Hard, desperate for me.

Stranger: ”I’m not desperate, who’s desperate..” He gasped out, aching for the touch of skin on skin. “Don’t make me regret this, dear..”

You: Sebastian grinned, pulling Jim’s boxers down and licked at Jim’s cock before taking the head in his mouth and suckling gently. Sebastian then pulled away with a smug grin and simply breathed gently against Jim’s erection, “Oh? Apologies sir. Do you regret this? I can always /stop/.”

Stranger: He almost let out a sob at the wet heat of Seb’s mouth on the head of his cock, trying desperately to buck his hips up further into his mouth. He whined pathetically when Sebastian pulled back. “N-No. Not yet. If you don’t fucking do something soon, perhaps I’ll regret it..”

You: Sebastian smirked “Oh, in that case sir, I better get to work.” He leaned in and gently eased Jim’s cock into his mouth, licking and sucking him in earnest, humming at the taste of Jim on his tongue.

Stranger: He threw his head back against the bed, writhing in place as Sebastian took his length into his mouth, hot and eager. He hand rested on the back of Seb’s head, guiding him down onto his cock.

You: Sebastian swallowed, following Jim’s lead, his hands cupping and stroking at Jim’s balls as he felt Jim’s cock nudge the back of his throat.

Stranger: ”Jesus.. Seb..” He moaned. “You’re good at this.. So good..” He was just taking him in, all of him, and when he felt the tip hit the back of Seb’s throat he almost lost it completely.

You: Sebastian smiled and simply bobbed his head up on down, lavishing attention on Jim’s cock with relish, letting out a small noise of encouragement.

Stranger: He tightened his grip on Sebastian’s hair, moaning all the while. “You keep that up, this is going to be over far too soon, you realise..”

You: Sebastian reluctantly let Jim’s cock fall from his lips, licking absently at the head one last time with a cheeky grin as he said hoarsely, “But we were just getting started.”

Stranger: ”Been a while, not going to last..” He felt his face heat up, smirking at Sebastian’s cocky attitude. “There’s much more we can do, you know.”

You: Sebastian raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Oh, pray tell.”

Stranger: He huffed out a laugh, looking down at Sebastian. “You could always fuck me. Or I could fuck you. I think either of those could be rather enjoyable, don’t you?”

You: Sebastian grinned, and leaned up to catch Jim in a kiss before purring, “Oh? I certainly think so. What do you think, Jimmy? You up for fucking me? I know you’ve certainly fucked /with/ me enough today.” He trailed a finger against Jim’s cock lightly.

Stranger: He smirked, leaning down to mouth at Seb’s neck. “I always knew you were all bark, no bite.” He shivered at the light touch, running his nails down over Sebastian’s back. “Always knew you’d be so willing to give it all up..”

You: Sebastian made a soft keening sound, trembling lightly as he felt Jim’s nails dig lightly into his skin. Before he chuckled and said, “Oh, I thought you simply /took/ what you wanted, Jim.”

Stranger: ”I don’t have to take though, do I. You’re just going to give it to me. Give yourself to me. Like a good little pet, aren’t you.”

You: Sebastian smirked and said, “No, darling. I’m going to /ride/ you Jim. I’m going to fuck myself on you. You’re going to give me the ride of my life arn’t you, sir? Because I’m not sure you can keep your pet if you don’t satisfy him.”

You: ”It’s something you /earn/, sweetheart.”